About Us

Mission Statement

Through international cooperation, TPAK seeks to maximize the number of children across Asia who can access an education. Exposure to the warm hearts of those we empower provides us here in Japan with a valuable opportunity to rethink our own privilege and worldly desires. By honoring a spirit of mutual cooperation, we believe that we can actualize our vision of a plentiful global society.

About Us

TPAK is an acronym for “Terra People ACT Kanagawa”. “Terra” means “Earth” in Latin, and our name “Terra People” reflects our strong belief that we are citizens of the world. The inclusion of “ACT” in our name reflects our belief that we should always try to transform our feelings of sympathy towards social problems unfolding across the world into “action” to help the world become a better place. 

Our appreciation for the concept of a “world citizen”, lies in the hope that when one is able to conceptualize him or herself as a citizen of the world, rather than of a specific regionality, national borders no longer function as a divide between humans and the societies in which they live their lives. If everyone imagined themselves to be citizens of the world, rather than of a particular nation, we believe that the problems present in certain regions of the world will transform into issues of collective concern, and that we would recognize a collective responsibility to tackle them.

What do we do?

The founding principle of Terra People ACT Kanagawa, is the principle that because we are all citizens of the world, the distance between the territories in which we live should not determine the boundaries pertaining to our aid and support.

TPAK is a Japan-based NGO which:

  • Empowers ethnic minority children across Asia by providing them with access to an education.
  • Supports the social empowerment of women across rural India by promoting education against gender-based violence, and training them to become future leaders of their local communities.
  • Deepen local community ties through workshops, public lectures, study tours and internship opportunities aimed towards nurturing local leaders of international cooperation.

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