Director Message

Message from the Executive Director

A brighter tomorrow for the children of Asia.

A brighter tomorrow for us all.

We live in a bewildering age of modernization and development, characterized by constant change and transformation. But are you aware of those who have been forgotten, left behind by innovation?

Countless children across Asia continue to be plagued by poverty, disease, addiction and the decline of the household. The socially vulnerable - namely poor women and children- continue to experience the most suffering. This is especially the case if they are an ethnic minority of the countries they reside in. TPAK provides such women and children with an education, in order to equip them with the tools necessary to build a bright future for themselves. Here at TPAK, we think of ourselves as citizens of the world, and of international cooperation as cooperation between human beings of equal status. We are a grassroots organization that strives for the empowerment of the socially vulnerable above all else, and pledge to never put our own interests ahead of those we support.

In Thailand, Myanmar and India we work to implement programs which help to improve the quality of life of rural villagers. In Japan, we advocate for the rights of ethnic minorities, and educate the population on the idea of global citizenship and the mindset which must accompany its proliferation. Exposure to the warm hearts of those we empower provides us here in Japan with a valuable opportunity to rethink our own privilege and worldly desires. By learning from each other and honoring a spirit of mutual cooperation, we believe that we can actualize our vision of a plentiful global society.

Certified Non-Profit Corporation Terra People ACT/Kanagawa

Executive Director CHIKADA MACHIKO