TPAK is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that relies on donations to provide educational opportunities to women and children across Asia. Every single donation to our organization will go towards creating a brighter future for the socially vulnerable.

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This page will provide you with information about how you can donate to us, and who you will be helping with your donation. Through our website, you can make a donation to either our general mission, or our individual projects.

1. Donate To Our General Mission

TPAK is always looking for monthly supporters who will support our mission on a monthly basis. Become a Monthly supporters by donating 1000 yen per month to our organization in support of our collective activities, or make a one-off donation beginning from 1000 yen.

2. Donate To Our Projects

Decide who your donation will support by donating to our individual projects. Your donation will be one-off, beginning from 1000 yen. 

Projects in Need of Support

1.Myanmar Education Fund
Supporting efforts to provide educational opportunities to the ethnic minority children of Southern Shan State

In the rural farming communities of Southern Myanmar, villagers with extremely limited sources of income are tasked with furthering their own infrastructure. For this reason, the development of medical and educational facilities in their communities is often very slow, often taking upwards of eight years to complete. This is eight years that the children of the villages will have to wait for access to an education and quality medical care.

In order to allow these children to access a higher standard of living as soon as possible, TPAK has been cooperating with local ethnic minority governments in order to support the timely development of their infrastructure projects since 2001. The Myanmar Education Fund contributes to such efforts. Thanks to our supporters, we have been able to provide over 10,000 children in Myanmar with access to an education.

TPAK believes that supporting the ethnic minorities’ communities’ collective efforts to create a better living environment for their children, is the best way to contribute to the empowerment of the community, and to ensure that sustainable, self-motivated change continues to occur in the future.

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2. India Female Empowerment Project
Supporting efforts to create a safe living environment for women in rural villages across Northern India

The sexism and discrimination that women across India face on a daily basis is deeply rooted in India’s patriarchal culture. In rural villages across Uttarakhand State in Northern India, it is customary for women to drop out of school at a very early age to devote their time to housework, farm work, and other forms of unpaid labor. As a result of this, the literacy rate for women in the area is more than 20% lower than for males. A low social status of women in a given society is known to contribute to a high number of incidences of violence against them.

Since 2003, in cooperation with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and local non-profit MAMTA, TPAK has supported a series of projects aimed at the empowerment of women across ten target villages in the area. While providing women with leadership and vocational skills training in order that they can be made aware of their own self-worth and potential, we conduct workshops for the general population to spread awareness and appreciation for gender equality and female rights. In order to contribute to the construction of a safe village environment in which women can live without fear, we are facilitate community development efforts which will help us actualize our goal. Thanks to your donations, we have been able to conduct such training for approximately 2000 individuals in our target area. Please donate to help us expand our efforts!


Thailand Education Fund

Supporting the proliferation of education for ethnic minority children across Chiang Mai

TPAK began its operations in Thailand in 1993, and has since been conducting educational, nutritional, and health-related support to ethnic minority children across the villages of the hill tribe people in Chiang Mai province. Currently, we are conducting leadership training programs to help nurture the village leaders of tomorrow, as well as providing scholarships to bright students who seek to further their education. Thanks to your support, we have been able to provide over 15,000 children with access to an education. Of those children, 30 have returned to the schools we have built to serve as teachers. Please donate to help us provide access to a brighter future to more ethnic minority children in the region.


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