TPAK Winter Internship Program 2018

Welcome to the information page for the Non-Profit Entrepreneurship Program / Office Internship Program open to international school students in Japan from December 2018 – March 2019.

For over 10 years, TPAK has cooperated with local schools in Kanagawa to provide leadership opportunities to secondary and university students across the prefecture. Starting this year, TPAK has decided to open its internship programs to English-speaking international school students, in order to strengthen its ties with international communities in Japan, and diversify its existing office environment. Click here to see our information leaflet.

  • TPAK Non-Profit Entrepreneurship Program


The aim of TPAK’s Non-Profit Entrepreneurship Program is to nurture future leaders in business and the non-profit sector by providing students with an opportunity to learn valuable non-profit management and team-building skills through actively participating in our fundraising process.

Program Details

Students will participate in a series of skill-building workshops designed by veterans of the non-profit sector, in order to obtain the skills necessary to eventually develop and execute their own fundraising strategies with support from TPAK fundraising veterans. After completion of the program in March, students will be encouraged to utilize their new-found entrepreneurial skills to support social causes they are passion about. The internship will last from December 2018 to March 2019. During December, participants will attend orientation and workshop sessions at our offices in Yokohama. From January to March, participants will begin to develop their fundraising plan based on our training, and will receive advice from TPAK staff members concerning their proposals. This can be conducted at our offices or remotely, depending on the participants schedule and ability to access our offices. Participants can flexibly decide the appropriate dates to carry out their fundraising plan, with our full support and backing.

Who is eligible for this internship program?

  • International school students (or students with English speaking abilities) over the age of 15.
  • Students who can attend orientation and training sessions at our Yokohama Offices.
  • There is no Japanese Language or prior-knowledge requirement for this internship.

Who is suitable for this internship?

  • Students who seek an opportunity to learn real-life business and management skills which will be beneficial to their future career path.
  • Students who are passionate about social contribution, and seek to develop skills which will allow them to translate their passion into action.
  • Students who are considering a future career in the non-profit or social cooperation sector.
  • Students who seek an experience which will give them an edge over other students during the application process for universities.

Students who participate in our entrepreneurship program will be given real opportunities to develop and execute a fundraising strategy to help the socially vulnerable across Asia. They will be given countless opportunities to display leadership skills and exercise their creativity and innovation – all great achievements to write about in their personal statements*!

* Character Reference Letters will be provided upon request for those who display prominent leadership skills during the course of the internship.


November Applications Open / Information Sessions
December 1 Orientation
December 8 Workshop 
December 15 Workshop
December 22 Workshop
January Fundraising Strategy Development (Flexible Schedule)
February Fundraising Strategy Development / Execution (Flexible Schedule)
March Fundraising Strategy Development / Execution (Flexible Schedule)

Schedule Notes:

  • Participation in the orientation and workshops is mandatory for all those participating in the program. However, if you are unable to make these dates, we can set up alternative days for you to obtain the necessary information upon consultation.
  • Students who have exams during February (or at any point during the internship) will be given a month-long hiatus to focus on their studies. School always comes first!
  • If you are worried about how much you can put into the internship because of your busy schedule, please consult with us – it is possible to arrange our internship so that it is not too demanding on your current commitments.


  • Non-Profit Office Internship Program

TPAK is currently accepting applications for its office internship program. The aim of this internship is to give students insight into how local NGOs operate on a day to day basis, by inviting them into our offices on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays and having them assist staff members with their day-to-day duties. This internship is very flexible, and can be arranged to accommodate the applicant’s schedule. There is no language requirement for this internship, but some level of Japanese proficiency will be useful. This internship is highly recommended for those who are considering a career in the NGO sector in the future.


I am interested! How can I apply?

If you would like to learn more about the internship, contact us at with your questions and queries. If you are ready to apply for a spot in the program, please send an email to expressing your interest in the program you wish to apply for. We will reply to you in 1~3 business days concerning your application.




We look forward to your applications!